BUMN Shop is a wholesale shop for villages.

The establishment of BUMN Shop is a commitment of the BUMN Ministry in encouraging BUMN to support the development and empowerment of rural communities.

The establishment of BUMN Shop is a collaboration between BUMN and BUMDes in order to advance the community, which has succeeded in making village funds continue to revolve in the village, so that it is expected to increase the income of village communities.

Providing easier access for people to get various needs of goods at reasonable prices (coming from BUMN and private).

Cooperating / two-way partnership with BUMDes, to develop retail businesses and marketing local products as a form of service to the community.

Gradually encouraging BUMN Shop to become agents of public goods, so that they are able to support and grow the existing retail network in their environment.

In addition to continuing to increase the number of BUMN Shops in West Java, the expansion will continue into East Java.

The BUMN Shop Program is a joint initiative between the Ministry of BUMN and the Ministry of Development of Disadvantaged Villages and Transmigration. In implementing the BUMN Shop Program, the BUMN Ministry synergizes several state-owned companies.

PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero) acts as a coordinator and operator in the BUMN Shop, and supplies its own products such as Panganesia Rice, Panganesia Cooking Oil, Dharmabrand Pesticides, canned food under the Kiku and Arnesh brands, and other products.

The benefits to be obtained by BUMDes by becoming a BUMN Shop are the first. The BUMN Shop is owned by BUMDes (not owned by individuals but belongs to the village community), so that the benefits or benefits can be obtained by the community.

Second, so far each BUMDes has certain product characteristics, with the support of this BUMN, there can be an increase in the sales network of BUMDes products in the entire BUMN Store network that is spread throughout Indonesia. Thus this has a positive impact on rural economic growth.

Third, with BUMN Shop, there is the presence of suppliers of supply or supply of goods and the certainty of selling prices from BUMN that are suppliers of these trades. BUMN shops supply small shops or become wholesalers in the village environment. Hopefully, BUMDes can get more competitive prices.