PPI Melalui E Warong Konsisten Sediakan BPNT Berkualitas


The President Director of PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero), Fasika Khaerul Zaman, visited E-Warong spread across Solo on Friday (11/9/2020).

Warung Gotong Royong (E-Warong) Electronic is a community empowerment program assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs. E-Warong is a shop that has collaborated with a bank appointed by the government in distributing food social assistance.

Each buyer queues to swipe their transaction card. What is used is the Prosperous Family Card (KKS) as electronic money, similar to the ATM card of one of the banks designated as the distributor of social assistance to the Ministry of Social's Beneficiary Families (KPM).

PPI is a supplier of 4 E-Warong groceries in the Solo area with a coverage of around 3400 KPM. Fasika Khaerul Zaman listened to the stories of residents who are members of the E-Warong management whose members are from the PKH (Joint Business Group) KUBE (Family Hope Program) who opened a grocery store in a location close to residential areas.

"Alhamdulillah, PPI is included in the criteria of a reliable supplier to provide E-Warong with consistent quality food products at competitive prices. PPI can ensure the sustainable availability of foodstuffs to E-Warong, so that E-Warong can ensure price, quality. , and the amount of food supply is guaranteed and fulfills program principles, "explained Fasika

E-Warong serves purchases of subsidized staple food, 3 kg of LPG gas, payments for electricity, fertilizers, and other subsidized programs. The price of food sold through E-Warong tends to be cheaper than the market price.

"Of course PPI always wants to participate to help ease the burden on poor families' expenses and help alleviate poverty. I also see the non-cash transaction through E-Warong as very good for slowly realizing a cashless society, "concluded Fasika.