PT Indonesian Trading Company (Persero) cooperates with the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) of DKI Jakarta Province to hold a socialization on prevention of narcotics hazards and conduct urine tests on all employees of the Jakarta Headquarters and Branch Offices at Graha PPI.

The Director of Finance, HR and General PPI, Kindy Rinaldy Syahrir, explained that on Monday (7/27), the socialization of the prevention of narcotics dangers and urine tests conducted by BNN was carried out to ensure that the company is drug-free and ready to provide its prime performance.

The event was held as a form of implementation of Presidential Instruction Number 2 of 2020 which mandated BNN to implement the National Action Plan for P4GN (Prevention and Eradication and Abuse of Illicit Narcotics) in the 2020-2024 period and aims to provide detailed information on the dangers of Narcotics, its impact on life, how to avoid, even how to respond if there are colleagues who abuse. The Ministry of BUMN also instructed through letter number S-46 / DSI.MBU / 06/2020 concerning the Implementation of Drug Tests or Tests in the SOE Environment.

"We are grateful to BNN who synergized with PPI in maintaining employee health performance. This activity is also a testament to the seriousness of PPI in its efforts to support the eradication of drugs, especially in the environment itself, because the problem of drugs is not only the problem of the National Narcotics Agency, but the problem of all levels of society, government, education and the private environment. All have a role in P4GN efforts, "concluded Kindy.