PPI Bio Farma


PT Indonesian Trading Company (Persero) cooperates with PT Bio Farma (Persero) in the implementation of influenza vaccine for PPI employees, which was held Wednesday (07/29/2020) at Graha PPI, Jakarta.

Giving vaccines is one way to prevent diseases caused by influenza viruses, which if left unchecked could have dangerous complications such as lung infections. The vaccine itself is intended for almost all people, especially office workers who are every day at high risk of exposure to the virus on the streets or in the office.

"Employee health is our priority, especially in the midst of the outbreak of Covid-19. This vaccination is a form of our concern to ensure employee health. So far, we have also implemented health protocols in the office environment as part of efforts to mitigate the risk of spreading the virus, "explained PPI's Director of Operations, Anton Mart Irianto.

PPI itself is always cooperating with Bio Farma about the distribution of vaccines, because vaccines are products that cannot be sold freely and the distribution is carried out specifically.

"Regarding the development of the Covid-19 vaccine, Bio Farma, which is currently undergoing phase three clinical trials, we certainly hope it will be completed in sufficient time so that production is directly carried out. PPI itself is ready to contribute to helping the government to distribute the covid vaccine," explained Anton.

PPI as Pharmaceutical Wholesaler (PBF) indeed fulfills administrative aspects, good technical distribution methods, and understands vaccine storage systems.

Through this SOE synergy, of course PPI as a BUMN strives to help the Government of Indonesia provide protection to the public safely, precisely, and quickly.