Desain Dharmara

PT Indonesian Trading Company (Persero) seems to have a new strategy to boost sales this year through the launch of the latest products. Currently, PPI releases pesticide products under the Dharmara 480 SL brand.

Dharmara 480 SL is a Dharmabrand product series consisting of Dharmabas 500 EC, Dharmasip 50 EC, Dharmasan 600 ec, Dharmafur 3GR, and Dharmapara 276 SL.

Dharmara 480 SL is a post-emergent systemic herbicide made from Isopropyl Amina Glisofat 480 g / l, in the form of a yellowish solution in water. Systemic, not selective towards target weeds, so it has a broad spectrum in controlling weeds and killing plants to death by the roots.

PPI Director of Operations Anton Mart Irianto said, the launch of the Dharmara 480 SL was an effort by PPI to complete pesticide products, especially PPI's post-growth contact herbicide, Dharmapara 275 SL, which had already launched.

"The presence of Dharmara 480 SL complements the presence of Dharmapara 275 SL. The use of both of them will improve the eradication of weeds, because Dharmara is an after-growth systemic herbicide that kills weeds to their roots, while Dharmapara is an after-growth contact herbicide," Anton explained.

Meanwhile, PPI Senior Manager Purchasing Noverita Anggraeny said, PPI will indeed strengthen business lines in the future.

"This new product launch strategy is an effort by PPI to continue trying to complement the needs of farmers. With the increasingly diverse needs of farmers, then of course our speed of innovation to meet their needs must always be improved. This herbicide is more effective and safe to use because it falls into the WHO category into Class IV, which is classified as harmless in normal use. Its purpose is to control broadleaf weeds and grasses in plantations, "explained Ita.