Syukuran 2014

Thanksgiving Day  PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero) 11th Anniversary

Jakarta - PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero) held a thanksgiving celebration of its 11th Anniversary at 2nd Floor Wisma ITC, Thursday (19/06/2014). Thanksgiving celebration was attended by the entire Board of Directors, Head of Division / Unit, Head of Jakarta Branch, Subsidiary, Headquarters, Employee and  All invited guests

The series of this events started with  Decorating Rice Tumpeng Competition between Directorate Headquarters where each directorate should send 3 representatives to participate in the race. Then the show continued with Tumpeng Rice Cutting Tumpeng by Mr.  Wahyu Suparyono R, President Director of PT PPI and accompanied by a Board of Directors. On this occasion he expressed gratitude that PPI is a state-owned business entities relative basis just 11 years old but still must always be sustainable to continue to thrive in an era of extraordinary competencies of this. Do not forget he also told us to keep trying and working hard to increase prosperous of PPI.

The event then continued with Dhikr Together for the Muslim religion and the worship of the Word for Christian / Catholic. Thanksgiving activities is the culmination in a series of 11th Anniversary of PT PPI (Persero), and at the end of the show closed with lunch by the Board of Directors and all employees and invited guests