RAKER 2015



Wisma ITC – Jakarta, 20/10/2014, PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero) held an annual event, namely Company Long Term Plan (RJPP) 2015 - 2019 Working Meeting and Work Plan and Corporate Budget (RKAP) 2015 which lasted for 3 days, work meeting attended by Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, Head of Internal Supervisory Unit, Company Secretariat, Senior Manager, Head of Bureau, General Manager, Senior Assistant Manager and Assistant Head of Bureau takes the theme of "Competitive Transformation to Achive Improvement Level".

In the event opened with remarks from Chief Commissioner Mr. Danny Walla, beginning with the submission of the aspirations of the board of commissioners who expect that 2015 can be a turning point for PPI to bounce back. He said that in an organization / company needs 3 important things, the first is the company must have a winning strategy, whose contents vision mission of the company in the breakdown into strategic steps, technical in the field, and adjusted to company budget. The second should be supported by a winning team in which there are individual competencies, communication, cooperation, the third in support with winning system.

Followed by sharing session delivered by Commissioner Mr. Bachrul Chairi regarding the preparation and challenge of Indonesia facing MEA in 2015. "Indonesia should not only become a production country but also become a global value chain, it is indirectly open opportunities PT PPI (Persero) in the field industry", Mr. Bacrul expressed in sharing his session.

Meanwhile, President Director of Wahyu Suparyono, in his speech, said that the Board of Commissioners strongly believes that PPI under its leadership can do frog leap in 2015, it becomes an honor for the Board of Directors, and makes the whip to really be able to carry out the aspirations of the Board of Commissioners". This Company Long Term Plan (RJPP) and Work Plan and Corporate Budget (RKAP) meeting makes strategic momentum to match the company's vision and mission, that every business entity must have a Corporate Plan - RJPP which is the company's control tool.