Pangan Murah Ramadan Subang


PT Indonesian Trading Company (Persero) continues to distribute cheap food packages in several cities in Indonesia.

PT PPI was part of the Ministry of BUMN Program which held a social awareness action program entitled Cheap Food Ramadhan 1440 Hijriah, 
which was simultaneously held in 40 Subdistricts in 3 Provinces namely DKI, Banten and West Java, from 18 May 2019 to the fourth week in May this year . ㅤ ㅤ As on May 24, 2019, PT PPI held a cheap food package activity in Cipunagara, Subang. The package contains 1 kg of rice,
1 liter of cooking oil, 250 gr of salt, sugar of 450 gr and sardines 425 gr. The IDR 42,500 package sells for IDR 10,000.
The contents of the cheap food package are BUMN products including PT PPI. This activity is not merely a commercial sale, but rather a corporate social responsibility to the community.
The event was also included in the series of the 16th PT PPI Anniversary, which in addition to holding the food package,
also provided compensation to orphans in the Cipunagara sub-district, Subang. The number of enthusiastic community of around 3,000 is proof that this program is highly anticipated by the local community.