PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero) holds a low-cost market for basic commodities for the community ahead of Eid at the Taruna Remaja Field, Gorontalo City, Gorontalo Province, Tuesday 28 May 2019.

As many as 2,000 packages of staples provided in the low-cost market, which is a series of BUMN activities, attended to the country (BHUN).

In general, this BHUN activity is an activity carried out simultaneously, with Bank Mandiri as the PIC of the event.

This activity itself is the first series that will continue. Some time ago, PT PPI together with Bank Mandiri, Djakarta Lloyd, and Indonesia Re had distributed assistance to Islamic boarding schools and orphanages in the form of 1,000 Qur'an and other assistance.

In the BHUN series in Gorontalo, a flag ceremony will also be held on August 17. The other activities are Students Knowing the Archipelago (SMN) which will be selected by the best students from all over Gorontalo to be enrolled in the student exchange with other regions.