Inauguration and Handover Branch Head Position Bandung, Denpasar, Pekanbaru, Bengkulu, Medan, Pontianak, Madiun, Gorontalo & Ambon


Jakarta, Wednesday (21/05/2014), As one of the organization and regeneration dynamic leadership, the management made ​​some changes and rotation of officials in the workplace PT PPI . This is done in order to improve productivity and refreshment of every branch of the PPI, The series of events inauguration and Handover Function (Sertijab) Head of the Branch held on:

1. Event Inauguration and Sertijab Kacab Bandung on 10 April 2014, Kacab Bandung formerly held by Mr. Arief Syfruddin to Mr. Konsep Ginting  previously served as Kacab Pekanbaru.

2. Event Inauguration and Sertijab Kacab Denpasar on 12 April 2014, Denpasar Kacab formerly held by Mr. Suyanto to Mr. Arief Syfruddin previously served Kacab Bandung.

3. Event Inauguration and Sertijab Kacab Pekanbaru on April 14, 2014, previously in Pekanbaru Kacab held by Mr. Konsep Ginting  to Mr. HL Tampubolon Pardohar previously served as Kacab Bengkulu.

4. Event Inauguration and Sertijab Kacab Bengkulu on April 15, 2014, Kacab Bengkulu formerly held by HL Pardohar Tampubolon to Mr. Mayer simanjuntak who previously served Kacab Pontianak.

5. Event Inauguration and Sertijab Kacab Medan on 16 April 2014, previously  held by Mr. Ruben Alang (Retired) to Mr. Sunarya who previously served as Head of Consumer Products and Pharmaceutical Division Headquarters, and now the head divisionis held by Mr Suyanto who previously served as Kacab Denpasar.

6. Event Inauguration and Sertijab Kacab Pontianak on April 23, 2014, Kacab Pontianak  formerly held by Mayer simanjuntak to Mr. Bayu Adhi Wardhana that previously served as Commercial Branch Supervisor Palembang.

7. Event Inauguration and Sertijab Kacab Madiun on May 5, 2014, Kacab madiun  formerly held by Mr. Wasis Siswo Harsoyo to Mrs. Diah Mawarni who previously served as Manager of Fertilizers and Pesticides Division Headquarters.

8. Event Inauguration and Sertijab Kacab Gorontalo on May 8, 2014, Kacab Gorontalo  formerly held by Mr. Ashari Jamaladin (alm) to Mr. Wasis Siswo Harsoyo previously served as Kacab Madiun.

9. And the last is event inauguration and sertijab Kacab Ambon on May 19, 2014, Kacab Ambon formerly held by Mr Muhammad Yusuf to Mr Tri Soerjanto who previously served as the Commercial Branch Supervisor Palu.

The entire inauguration ceremony and the SERTIJAB held at branch offices PPI PT (Persero) Each attended by the President Director, Officer Head Office, Branch employees and invited guests.

Thanks to Mr. Ruben Alang who has finished his term of office, the devotion and contribution for PT PPI (Persero). And to all the new Head of Branches, hopefully can deliver results and contribute as much as possible at work in the future. Congratulations and good luck for the entire New Head of Branches.