Covare Coffee Cafe is now present in the city of Semarang, precisely in the Old City area.

The Old City area itself is certain to be one of the tourist destinations that can be visited during the Idul Fitri holiday, because now there is the Creative Industry Gallery which occupies the PT Indonesian Trading Company (Persero) Building.

The Creative Industry Gallery was inaugurated on May 26, 2019 then so that on the Eid holiday later, visitors can enjoy various offerings that are there. Various culinary, furniture, fashion, handicrafts and antiques were presented. Not to forget, of course Covare Coffee will spoil coffee lovers who stop by.

The presence of the Creative Industry Gallery will add to the tourist attraction so that people do not just walk around the Old City, but can buy souvenirs in the Old City Region.

The Creative Industry Gallery was built on the cooperation of PT PPI, the Ministry of Industry, Semarang City Government, and Central Java Disperindag. Travelers who come can directly transact there cashless.