Of course we have understood that the Superior Performance Assessment Criteria (KPKU) are mandatory to be practiced 
within the SOE. The application of KPKU is motivated by demands for SOEs to be able to increase competitiveness while
at the same time preparing to face the era of the free market of the ASEAN Economic Community. By referring to the KPKU, each BUMN can assess all elements in the company that have an influence on the management
of the company, improvement of the process, and increase in yield. With the existence of KPKU as a guideline and
measuring instrument, SOEs are expected to be able to design excellence in organizational performance, diagnose overall
performance management systems, identify weaknesses and strengths of the organization, and assess efforts to improve
performance. Likewise PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero). On June 22 until June 28, 2019, the opening of the assessment
and introduction of the directors and structural officials of the PPI by the President Director. KPKU has three important roles in strengthening BUMN competitiveness:     1. Helps improve the capabilities and performance of BUMNs, both financially and non-financially.     2. Facilitate communication and share information about best practices.     3. Serves as a work tool to understand and manage performance and to guide organizational planning and learning. KPKU is designed to provide an integrated approach (method / system) in the management of BUMN performance aimed at
producing the following:     Submission of value that is always increasing to customers and other stakeholders so that it has an impact on company
Increased effectiveness and individuals. The KPKU Assessment in this PPI is the 6th time held, where the company scores always increase every year. By evaluating the implementation of the KPKU, it is expected that PPI can improve its performance so that it can compete with
competitors in the domestic market and competitors abroad (global market) and increasingly prosperous society.