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Pasar Murah Cirebon dan Medan


As a form of seriousness in carrying out the assignment from the government, as a price stabilizer and stock holder of national white sugar, PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero) or PPI again held a cheap market of white refined sugar. PPI holds a Cheap Market especially for White refined Sugar because every entering the fasting month and Idul Fitri, the price of basic materials, including sugar has increased. PPI expects to help people to meet their need for sugar at an affordable price.

This cheap market activity is implemented nationally starting from Bandung, Cirebon, Palembang and followed other cities with 5 to 10 point of sale, thus Dayu Padmara Rengganis ", President Director of PPI

"Currently, the price of PPI white crystal sugar for Java is sold at RP price range. 11,500.00 up to Rp. 12.000,00 and outside Java between Rp. 12.000,00 to Rp 12,500,00. PPI as a stabilizer of white crystal sugar price through the concept of price benchmarking for all of Indonesia, PPI ready to face fasting month and Lebaran "said Dayu added.

In the face of Fasting and Lebaran, PPI will distribute 190,000 Tons of White refined Sugar, gradually through the entire PPI trading network either through distributors, the implementation of low-cost market by PPI and distributors as well as distribution through PPI outlet / store network as many as 6000 outlets / stores scattered throughout Indonesia and synergize with other SOEs, such as Bulog.

Attending the market operation in the city of Palembang, Secretary General of the Ministry of Trade, Srie Agustina, accompanied by Directors of PPI, Dayu Padmara Rengganis (President Director), Charles Sitorus (Director of Business Development), Trisilo Ari Setyawan (Commercial Director) and Noer Fajrieansyah Corporate Power)

"In this sugar assignment, PPI must be able to work together with all parties, to grow together and prosper together to raise the sugar industry together. PPI wants to have successful sugar assignment so that PPI can improve its existence in trading field, not only sugar, but other typical Indonesian commodities, as well as realize Indonesia Trading House which is expected to be the pride of Indonesia ", Dayu concluded.




Jakarta (22/04/2016), PT Indonesia Trading Company - has held a Four-day Coordination Meeting (RAKOR) Quarter I Year 2016, which is dated 19 s.d April 22, 2016 which is located on the second floor of Graha Building PPI, Jakarta. The 2016 RAKORQ1 event is held regularly every year to evaluate performance and set target of business results in Q2 of 2016. The event was attended by Directors, Senior Managers (SM), General Manger (GM) Regional Branch, and invited guests.

The meeting was officially opened by the President Director of PT PPI Ibu Dayu Padmara Rengganisdi accompanied by other Board of Directors. Then proceed with Discussion between Directors, SM & GM Regional Branch. So there is an open discussion mechanism involving other branches, in discussing the issues of branches and continuing with the direction of the Board of Directors in relation to the future work plan.

Seminar Kartini 2016


Seminar with KADIN in Kartini Day Framework of Year 2016

Jakarta (22/04/2016) – The Birth of R.A Kartini is always commemorated every April 21 by all society of Indonesia. No exception in the environment of PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero). Located at Graha PPI, PPI Academy room, commemorating the birthday of R.A Kartini this year PT PPI (Persero) in cooperation with the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN) made a Seminar with the theme "Increasing Community Participation in the Use of New and Renewable Energy"

Women should continue to be luminous, never to be extinguished, and continue to be enthusiastic, in order to improve their ability in their skills as well as for the empowerment of a quality creative economy, especially in the use of new and renewable energy, and the primary one should not be out of its natures as a woman.


 PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero) Participates in National Congress (MUNAS) Public Relation Forum of BUMN in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta (15/04/2016 sd 18/04/2016) - In order to improve togetherness, hospitality and solidarity and synergy between state-owned enterprises, BUMN Public Relations Forum (FHBUMN) officially held the 2016 National Conference (2014) in Yogyakarta on Friday (15 / 4). Munas FHBUMN is an organizational constitution forum that is formal and open to the input, aspirations, suggestions and opinions of the members to improve the quality and the role of FHBUMN in the scope of Public Relation BUMN. In this National Conference agenda of General Election of FHBUMN Period of Management 2016-2019, validation of amendment of FHBUMN Statutes / Bylaws, drafting of annual work program, and evaluation of performance of public relation of BUMN. With the theme "Aligning Real Works", the National Conference of FHBUMN was designed as a forum to define FHBUMN targets, strategies, policies and work programs during 2016.

The event held from 15 to 17 April 2016 was attended by about ± 200 participants from Public Relations BUMN and PT PPI (Persero) itself sent a representative to participate in the event MUNAS. The series of activities will begin with the formation of Becak Yogyakarta Society in Yogyakarta Square and followed by social action of donation donation worth Rp 150 million for 300 becak drivers. This social action was held as a proof of FHBUMN award to becak as one of the cultural icons of Jogja that should be maintained. From there the participants will be welcomed by Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Mangkubumi as host in Ndalem Wironegaran, Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat.

Ahmad Reza was elected in the Munas BUMN 2016 Public Relations Forum held on 15 s.d 17 April 2016 in Jogjakarta. The vote count is based on the institution, not on behalf of the individual, so Ahmad Reza, Corporate Communication Head of Bank Mandiri, flew with 54 votes, far away Pujo Suwarno, Corporate Secretary PT Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur, Prambanan and Ratu Boko which only got 24 votes while Muhammad Eriansyah, Corporate Secretary of PT Pelindo I with 15 votes. Selected General Couples will later be confirmed at Peak Point Kali Adem, Merapi. The next day, a group of Munas participants will attend the penjor and janur festival in the area of Borobudur Temple.

Munas FHBUMN is expected to be a forum for joint aspirations and produce an effective system and form of communication between members of FHBUMN with relevant stakeholders either directly or indirectly, both internally and externally. FHBUMN also made the 2016 Munas as an affirmation of commitment and momentum to take strategic positions and roles, as well as to build a transparent and responsive new public paradigm to all the latest state-of-the-art developments of SOEs, to realize real work.


direksi baru


Located at the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises building in Jakarta on Monday, March 28, 2016, has been inaugurated by the shareholders of PT PPI (Persero) represented by Deputy of Energy, Logistics and Transportation Affairs of the Ministry of SOEs has been handed over the position of the New Director of PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero), referring to the Decree of the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises with letter number SK-65 / MBU / 03/2016 stipulates AS FOLLOWS:

1. Bapak Trisilo Ari Setyawan, SE

2. Bapak Firmansyah Tanjung Satya, SE, MM

joined as the Board of Directors of PT PPI (Persero), and subsequently submitted by the President Director of PT PPI (Persero) Mrs. Dayu Padmara Rengganis in the introduction meeting of the new Board of Directors with pagawai disamppaikan that with the now complete formation is expected and hopefully will smooth PPI to move forward to the Trading House going forward.


pelatihan fix


Jakarta March 16, 2017, to up-date the latest business and trade issues then PT Trading Company Indonesia (Persero) in cooperation with Markplus held Traning Basic Marketing. Taking place in the PPI Academy event which lasted for 2 (two) days was attended by talented youngsters PT PPI (Persero) either from the branch office or from the head office under the age of 35 years filled with interesting and informative materials about the current marketing trend . The training was delivered directly by Hermawan Kartajaya as a marketing expert in Indonesia and CEO of MarkPlus and DR. Setyo Riyanto, SE, MM as former Director of PT Pos Indonesia and as facilitator of MarkPlus.

It is expected that the trainees will be able to bring such knowledge and be implemented in today's business world.


summary finising warpup blue print aplikasi erp


Bandung 20 February 2016, Meeting held on 20 s.d February 23, 2016 is a blue print handover activity for ERP PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero). For 4 days the ERP Team from PT PPI (Persero) and Telkom discussed the revisions contained in the module for conformance with the ERP system with the existing system at PT PPI (Persero). Located at Serela Hotel Bandung, the event was opened by President Director of PT PPI (Persero) Ibu Dayu Padmara Rengganis and from PT Telkom Indonesia GM Trading Distribution Service Mrs. Irena Santy Widjaya and Mr. Syarif Ali Idrus as President Director Telkomsigma attended the event.





rakor  sertijab


Jakarta 26-01-16, in welcoming the new year 2016 and to improve its performance in that year, PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero) held a 2016 Coordination Meeting which was attended by all General Managers from 32 branches throughout Indonesia. This 2-day coordination meeting does not only discuss the evaluation and achievement of the target in 2016 but also to broaden HCM's insights to provide training such as Tax Training provided by the Tax Office, PPI Business Seminar in MEA Faculty Medium by Asean Economic Comunity of the Ministry of Trade of RI, as well as the Correspondent Business seminar delivered by Ibu Istudiyanti Priatmi.

And in the event has also been accomplished event Handover Position for the position of General Manager.

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