PT PPI, as one of the State-Owned companies engaged in trading business has shown its sound performance. Established since 2003, PT PPI has grown into a large company with branches spread across Indonesia in 32 branch offices and over 12,000 kiosks/outlets.


"Becoming a Trusted and Leading Trading Company and Having Access to Sources and Marketing Network in domestic as well as abroad"


  1. Conduct General and Special Trade which deal with a wide range of products from upstream to downstream in commercial as well as measurable way;
  2. Carry out local and international trading transactions;
  3. Conduct production of goods that support trading;
  4. Establish partnerships through integrated services utilizing reliable information technology systems and networks;
  5. Improve employee prosperity through productivity.


"Increasing the value of the company through benefit for the community."


  1. Clean, which means managing the company professionally, avoiding conflict of interests, not accepting bribes, upholding morality and the guiding principles of good corporate governance.
  2. Competitive, which means being able to compete well in national and international environments, nurturing growth through investment, building time and cost-conscious culture and rewarding performance.
  3. Capable, which means headed by professional leaders and workers who meet the criteria in honesty, determination, ability and experience, as well as committed to build and develop the Company.
  4. Customer Focus, which means striving for the best service for Consumers.
  5. Commercial, which means adding value to companies with a commercial orientation and making decisions based on GCG principles.
  6. Self-confidence, which means to participate in building the national economy and the nation.