PT PPI (Persero) supports continuous improvement and increases in the area of ​​improvement in order to improve the company towards the creation of a business ecosystem that is mutually supportive and provides support to improving the welfare of the community and other stakeholders.

Through the escalation of the company's paradigm in the era of new global industrial trade, PT PPI (Persero) supports the development of a complete business ecosystem by taking into account common needs from supply sources (upstream), value added processes (production and processing), and successfully accessing distribution networks (downstream ) both domestic and foreign markets to increase market share.

The main business activities of the company are:

International trade and domestic trade which includes exports, imports, interisland, local trade, distribution, representation and agency, retail, and procurement of agricultural products and their derivative products following agricultural tools; forest products and their derivative products and tools of forest exploitation; plantation products and their derivative products along with plantation equipment; fishery products and their derivative products and fishery tools; general mining results with derivative products following mining equipment; industrial products and derivative products, tools or production machinery; materials for construction; construction tools; medical devices and laboratories; trade services; pharmaceutical wholesaler; oil and gas and by-products.

Carry out production / build processing units to add value to goods that support the trade.

In addition, PT PPI (Persero) can conduct business activities in the context of optimizing the resources needed by the company to lease buildings, rent offices, rent houses, rent land, transport, property, and tourism.


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