PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero) as one of the SOEs engaged in the field of domestic trade and international trade, has shown its existence well. Established since 2003, PT PPI has grown into a large company supported by 10 Regional Branches, 32 Branches, 2 Sub Branches and 3 Stock Point and more than 12,000 outlets throughout Indonesia.

PT PPI continuously strives to increase the value of the company by maximizing its role in building benefits for the community. Through the trading of various products and commodities handled from upstream to downstream, export and import; also trusted the government to handle regulated product & restricted product; trade balance transactions; as well as to contribute to maintaining price stability and availability of national food stocks and / or other community needs.

PT PPI is also supported by modern digitalization that facilitates the company's business in addition to trading and optimizing the utilization of its resources to produce something of high quality and strong competitiveness.